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Published by Stephan on is an open source school server solution for schools of any kind and size. Version 7 is currently under development and the beta phase is about to start. A lot has happened in the last months and I would like to give you a short overview of the current developments.

News around

  • has already received two awards this year. The free school server solution won a 2nd place at the Thomas-Krenn Award as well as the “Comenius eduMedia Seal“.
  • The beta phase of v7 will start very soon. Many things are already finished and some schools are already using the new solution productively. However, it is not quite finished yet and there is still some documentation missing.
  • At the Chemnitzer Linux Days there was a talk about (in german though). Very recommendable for everyone who wants to get a compact overview of the school server solution.


An Open Source project lives on the cooperation and collaboration of many – this is no different at So if you want to help out, don’t hesitate. No matter if development, documentation, finding bugs, support – in every area there is the possibility to get involved. Take a look a the code on Github or ask your questions in the forum.


We have been using in our school for 3 years and are really very satisfied with it. The many possibilities for extension or customization are great and with LINBO there is a very practical tool to manage many computers with little to no effort in a school. We are currently planning to switch to v7. It will be a major update as many things changed under the hood.

For everyone who is interested in the school server solution and maybe wants to gain some experience with it during the summer break, I recommend v7. There are many helpful school admins and also an official support on the part of the project, where you can get rid of your questions and get an answer in any case (and mostly very fast).


I'm a teacher and IT system administrator in an international school. I love open source software and I used it over a decade in my private and work life. My passion is to solve problems with open source software!


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